Vision and Values


Since the establishment of the Mannix ranch in 1882, our family has called our little ranch in the Blackfoot valley home. But we have never thought of ourselves as the true “owners” of this land. Instead, the soil, streams, grass, timber, and wildlife that belong to this ecosystem are sacred and cannot really be possessed. The land is the lifeblood of our community, and we strive to be worthy caretakers of those resources that fall under our management.

Drawing on the agricultural tradition of the past, we strive to continually improve our stewardship methods for today. It is our conviction that managing land and livestock together in such a way that both animal and ecosystem flourish will continue to provide a good living for our family, good food for our customers, and contribute to the long term health of our community.


Our Grass Finished Beef enterprise helps sustain our fifth generation family ranch while enhancing the resources we depend on and the broader community in which we live. Just as we were handed down a legacy of stewardship from the previous generation of our family, so we strive to instill the same strong conservation and stewardship values in the next generation. We have been blessed with abundant resources of water, wildlife, grass, timber, open space, and beauty. It has been our goal to maintain a viable ranching operation while enhancing the resources that sustain us. We also recognize that society values these same resources equally and we have a responsibility to protect the special qualities that fall under our management.