Stewardship Efforts

“And he have it for his opinion that whoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass grow on a spot of ground, where only one had grown before, would deserve more of mankind, and would have done more essential service to his country, than the entire race of politicians put together.” -Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Gulliver’s Travels


Stewardship Awards

  • 2008 Excellence in Grazing Award
  • 2007 Good Neighbor Award
  • 2002 Montana Tree Farmer of the Year


Wasson Creek Creek Restoration Project

Beginning in 2007 the ranch partnered with Trout Unlimited to improve Wasson Creek as key fish spawning ground for cutthroat trout coming up from the Blackfoot river. In just a few short years, the progress has been amazing!

Managing Noxious Weeds with Sheep Grazing

For well over a decade now, we have partnered with sheep stockmen to run approximately 1500 ewes in an effort to naturally control an invasive weed called Spotted Knapweed. The sheep, arriving in early July and leaving in early September, find the blossoms to be delicious. By eating them, they prevent those plants from going to seed and thereby lend the native range a helping hand.