The Ranch, Est. 1882

backAfter coming out from New York state, Timothy Benjamin Mannix began a sheep ranch in the Helmville valley in 1882. After his grandson, Bert Jr., took over the ranch from his ailing father, the ranch was gradually converted to a cattle operation. Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 9.41.13 AMBert was barely out of high school when he took over management, and he and his wife Darlene worked the ranch with care until Bert “retired” to logging with son Randy. When his knees would no longer allow him to log, he still found time for horshoe-pitching with friends and pulling the cat’s tail. Bert died in Oct 2012; he is fiercely missed.

Since 1980 sons David, Randy, and Brent, and daughter’s in law Peggy, Mo, and Stacey have managed the land and cattle operation. Although the cattle were originally Hereford, our mother herd has been mostly Angus for many years now. In 2006, after having made some changes to the genetics of the herd, we began finishing a few beef on grass and selling them locally, and this endeavor has grown into a full blown enterprise on the ranch which we are very proud of. It has become an avenue for us to share our story, and we thank you for being interested!