“Mannix grass fed beef is superior to any other ground beef I have ever tasted. Mannix provides us the opportunity to serve a fresh, local burger that was ground the day before we received it. High quality, local ingredients like Mannix beef are key to our menu at the Top Hat.” -Chef Billy Metzger

“We at the Good Food Store Meat and Seafood Department are proud of our partnership with the Mannix family. The quality of their grass finished beef is an expression of their hard work, their concern for the environment as well as for the welfare of their customers, many of whom are our customers too. This makes for an ideal partnership of shared values and common goals. And the beef tastes great!” Russ Kubisiak, Good Food Store

“The beef we’ve gotten from you in the past has always been extremely delicious, but this year I wanted you to know it’s exceptional. All of us that split the meat have been talking about it frequently, so just wanted to pass along the feedback. Also noticed that we received a heifer this year, and were wondering if that has some impact on the flavor of the meat? Just curious and told the others I would ask.Thanks!” – Jami Sindelar

“The Mannix Ranch grass finished beef are some of the best grass finished beef in the area.  When they say ‘grass finished’ beef, it means that they are fed until they have marble and sufficient fat cover, which translates to tender, juicy beef.” – Jerry Stroot, President Superior Meats

“I have friend who works in the Deli, who is Japanese, who had a chef from Korea staying at his house as his guest.  The Korean chef wanted to cook the household a meal and my friend  purchased the ingredients here at the store.  My friend, Satoro , along with his children, are big fans of Mannix beef.  They don’t have it often but it is a real treat when they do have it.  So, Satoro purchased the beef and he and the chef cooked together.  Satoro seasoned the meat with just salt and pepper, sliced it thin and seared it for 3 minutes.  The chef seasoned the meat with soy sauce and fresh ginger and seared it very quickly as well.  Satoro said both recipes were delicious.  The chef was amazed at how flavorful the beef was with such a simple preparation of just salt and pepper. Best beef he ever had!  Please pass this on to your international marketing director.” -Russ Kubisiak, Good Food Store