Why Mannix Grass Fed Beef?

Because it is delightful! Mannix Grass Finished Beef is optimally marbled, or “finished” to deliver a consistently great eating experience.

“Thank you for supplying me with such great beef.  You are pioneers in raising cattle in a sustainable fashion.  We are lucky to have you close to Missoula. I buy the beef because of the health benefits.  I appreciate that your approach is good for the environment and the cattle.  On top of that it tastes better–you have disproven the myth that grass-fed beef is lean and dry.” – Mark Moore



  • 100% Grass Fed
  • Packed with protein, healthy fats, iron, zinc, vitamins A & E, and selenium
  • High-Marbling Angus Genetics
  • Dry Aged 14-21 days for Optimal Flavor & Tenderness


  • No feedlots or grain used in the raising of our animals
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics used. Animals needing antibiotics are treated appropriately, removed from the Mannix Grass Finished Beef program, and marketed separately.


See Nina Teicholz’s Big Fat Surprise for a glimpse at the revolution in our understanding of the importance of fat in the diet.

Beyond all that, well managed beef production is good for the planet. Our grasses and soil evolved to depend on the impact of grazing herds of herbivores. Now that human civilization has interrupted natural forces (e.g. by preventing natural fires, migrations, etc.), skillful human management is essential.

What is our vision for the future of the Mannix ranch? We think Will Harris at White Oakes Pastures provides an inspiring example. We are working toward a vision that may grow to include sheep, hogs, and chickens while continuing to provide meaningful employment in our rural community.