Grass Fed Beef

burger2Taste the Mannix Marbling Difference

With our carefully managed genetics, grazing, and low-stress animal husbandry, Mannix Grass Finished Beef is optimally marbled, or “finished” to deliver a consistently great eating experience.

Why Grass ‘Finished’ beef? Because while all Grass Fed beef is healthier than conventional beef, we never sacrifice taste by harvesting overly lean animals. Mannix beef is tender, juicy, and flavorful because cattle are given sufficient time on feed to marble properly.

Thank you and the others at Mannix Brothers Ranch for supplying me with such great beef.  You are pioneers in raising cattle in a sustainable fashion.  We are lucky to have you close to Missoula. I buy the beef because of the health benefits.  I appreciate that your approach is good for the environment and the cattle.  On top of that it tastes better–you have disproven the myth that grass-fed beef is lean and dry.
Mark Moore